Friday, October 30, 2009

Richie Jackson - And Now

this motherfucker is bad ass...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Luna Negra - Soundproof (demo) - 2009

Here is a nice little Ditty from Poland. Very solid Stoner. I am horrible at reviewing stuff so just down load it and shut the fuck up.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Total Fucking Horse Shit.

i am sorry but if any of you pussies actually believe this, you are a bunch of fucking sheep that need to be slaughtered before you get to the rest of the people. i hate you government hide behind pussy scum that cannot think for one moment that maybe if you want to watch your god damn city to maybe start it yourself and not involve the "law" which we all know is a bunch of gumpy fuckin kids that couldn't hack it anywhere else and were picked on in highschool.

fuck i am pissed at america.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushrooms - 1971

Been on a big listening to these fella a fuck load lately... just thought i would share.

Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushrooms - 1971

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alan Watts Pt 1

this isn't music by any means, but i really enjoy him. This only 2 pieces from a very long series. Aesthetics and On Being God part 1 and 2.

good shit. if your into that sort of thing.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monotonix - Where Were You When It Happened?

Going to see these guys on the 17th.  Hear they throw a great live show. Plus they are on Drag City and from across the pond. 

Monotonix - Where Were You When It Happened? (2009)

San Francisco's Shiver - Shiver -1972

oldie but goodie.

"Basically, San Francisco’s Shiver were a bunch of hard-rocking hippie freaks, brought together by a Texas-bred drummer who moved to San Francisco to take up where his obvious heroes Blue Cheer left off. They soon had a rather rough, tough reputation, playing Haight street fairs and Hells Angels biker parties. At one point they even had a singer with an iron hook for a hand, which he could use as a slide for his guitar, or for more violent purposes. Shiver played “heavy psychedelic rock” at its most primal — no overdubs, raw as hell.

Rising from the same scene of Texas freaks like The 13th Floor Elevators, Johnny Gee & The G Men, and a pre-ZZ Top, Warlocks. In a city known for peace, love and flower power, San Francisco’s Shiver was an over the top, in your face, balls to the wall ‘gang’ of musicians that felt at home with Hell´s Angels and Hippies alike. Free Love, Free Dope. Shiver played a lot of Street Fairs on Haight, Market and Castro streets, and got to jam with guys from Big Brother (Gurley & Albin) and other local heroes."

San Francisco's Shiver - Shiver -1972

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Decanting The Bloodwhore


1. Perversely Anticipating The Impending War
2. Lost In The Forgotten Lexicon Of Torment
3. Destroy The Feline Idol
4. Veriohukaiset
5. Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients
6. Outro (Decanting The Bloodwhore)

"Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients is the only Decanting The Bloodwhore recording known to have been unearthed to date. The hateful members of the band would surely vow murder upon us for releasing it and any who hear the sounds it contains. So while we at Immigrant Breast Nest hesitate to bring this supremely disgusting record to light, and do so at our own peril, it is clear that this horrid form of black metal must be exposed, no matter the consequences.

The extreme darkness of Decanting The Bloodwhore’s music is sure to result in horrible madness in many who hear it, but the power of these tracks cannot be denied. These tracks writhe and squirm, imbued with an eternity of rotten misanthropy, only to explode with maddening fury. It is unlikely that black metal has ever been so truly grymmn as the blasts and dirges found herein. You will likely find yourself suffocating in the claustrophobic riffs and pummeled by immense drums, while the vocals fester and ooze hatred into your very being. Decanting The Bloodwhore will have their vengeance one way or another."

Decanting The Bloodwhore on IBN

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heavy Like The Moose (comps)


1. Kowloon Walled City - Turk, Taylor and Jones
2. Ufesas - Goin' To The Mountain
3. Enojado - Mammoth City
4. Elder - Hexe
5. Cough - Northern Plague
6. Berserkowitz - Skulldust
7. Guinea Pig - Lizard Skin
8. The Unbeheld - Thoth Provides
9. Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - The Water Makes Us Clean
10. Monolith - Born From Fire
11. Hackman - Monoceros
12. Routes - Orange Backyard
13. Lucky Funeral - Blissful
14. Electro zombies - Television la Droga de la Naci

Various Artists - "Heavy Like The Moose Vol.1


1. Apostle Of Solitude - The Messenger
2. Serpentcult - Screams From The Deep
3. Sourvein - Septic Werewolves
4. My Uncle The Wolf - Least Amount Of Man
5. Stonehelm - Deep Space Doom
6. Gorilla Monsoon - My Way
7. Blowback - Insanity
8. Rising Dust - Iron Horse/Born To Lose
9. Indian - Pigs In Your Open Wound
10. Rye Wolves - Ode
11. Iron Giant - Workin' Class
12. Outlaw Order - Siege Mentality
13. Back Tusk - Breaking The Backs Of Men
14. Leather Nun (America) - Dark Crusade
15. Nebula - Aphrodite
16. Mongoloid Village - Pickled Punk
17. Fistula - Cats s

Various Artists - "Heavy Like The Moose Vol II


1. Seahag - Ratchet Jaw
2. Dead Meadow - Between Me And The Ground
3. Maegashira - Ammonia For Sweat
4. Seamount - Torch Of Doom
5. Sons Of Otis - Lost Soul
6. The Black Fire - Percepcion
7. Black Pyramid - Visions Of Gehenna
8. Conifer - Cruciform Empennage
9. Across Tundras - Thunderclap Stomp
10. Rats - The Preacher's Wife
11. Weird Owl - Do What Th'Owl Wilt

Heavy Like The Moose Vol III


01. Pombagira - Idol of Perversity (21:20)
02. dot[.] - Karma (13:50)
03. Eagle Twin - Murder of… (12:11)
04. Ocean Chief - Sång (16:44)
05. Whitebuzz - Antipocalypse (13:47)

Heavy Like The Moose Vol IV

Inhuman Waste/Voidfullness (split) - Inhuman Waste/ Eliphas My Master (split)

Kind of a weird split album.  First off we have Inhuman Waste which is more punk/metal/grind/maybe a bit of thrash rolled in with vocals that don't suck (and i am a stickler about shitty vocals).  Then it goes into Voidfullness, who seem to be more drone/doom orientated.  very interesting mix.

Inhuman Waste/Voidfullness (split)

And Also...

Now, I'm no good a writing reviews of things.  Some people have a way with words, and some people...... "not have way" i guess....  But my buddy Exoomer does and I feel he did an excellent review of this split.  So I will steal his review.

"This is a diverse split...Inhuman Waste are back with their hydrogen bomb delivery. D-Beat Crust sounds, bashing the brains out of the drums,...screaming, scathing vocals....and grinding, raw sounding, guitars...a great delivery within the genre...great half of the idea of what this part of the split sounds fight club...that'll push you through the anarchist cookbook to where the car battery bombs are made.( no they didn't cover that in fight club....shame eh?),...fav track--> Police Bastard.
On the other side we have Eliphas My Master,..they carry with them a sandy desert sound that only a few bands can master,..well,...add this band to the list.
they sound like a pre-sons of kyuss sound mixed with elements of astroqueen ans some early nebula.The guitars are lacking any treble...and the bass grooves throo!
so lets grab the myspace addy,... and show them some love.....n' kisses.


See, so much better than I could ever fucking do.

Inhuman Waste/ Eliphas My Master (split)

Big Business - Biz Bot Remixes - 2009

The Drift and Cats, Mice have been re-imagined and re-recorded here on this one time only limited edition single. Completely different than the LP versions of the songs.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Stooges - The Stooges (320kbps)

Just been listening to this a lot lately.  Oldie but goodie.
(2005 Rhino Remaster with Bonus disc)


Was pretty impressed with this compilation.  A nice mix of punk/sludgy/doomy/surfy/whathaveya.


The Heads - Relaxing With... (1995)

 Cannot get enough of this band.

The Heads - Relaxing With... (1995)

Boris - Smile Live At Wolf Creek 2008

It was recorded live in Wolf Creek, California, in May 2008.

Disk 1
Disk 2

S:T Erik (demo) 2007

Really dig these guys. It's heavy, keeps moving, the singer doesn't sound like some college kid crying, it's fucking good.

S:T Erik (demo) 2007

Eagle Vs. Mountain Goat

TANK 86 - BEHOLD (2008)

Just another good, solid, heavy band.

TANK 86 - BEHOLD (2008)

Harvey Milk - "All the Live Long Day"

Spider Goat Canyon - Cacophonic - 2007

I really like these guys too. Another strong (yet laid back at times), heavy, knows what the fuck they are doing band out of Australia.

Spider Goat Canyon - Cacophonic - 2007

Residual Pain...................

me: morning hangover
hangover: hey
me: i got a question
hangover: shoot
me: why do you hurt so bad in the mornings?
hangover: because your an asshole.
me: understood.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour - 2009 - s-t

you don't like this band you're dumb.

Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour - 2009 - s-t

Astra - The Weirding [2009]

one last one for tonight.

I really like this a lot.

Astra - The Weirding [2009]

Heartless Bastards

god damn she sounds tasty.

Heartless Bastards - The Mountain (2009)

Weird Owl - Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed - 2009

Nice and laid back... Excellent album to get high too.

"Weird owl sounds like a combination of Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s garage rock, Built to Spill, and a bit of Sabbath mixed in. They play long spaced out songs with crunchy distorted guitar."

Weird Owl - Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed - 2009

Pyramido - Sand - 2009

I usually hate throat metal stuff, but these guys do a good job.

Pyramido - Sand - 2009

The Heads - Tilburg - 08'

Spacey, fuzzed, heavy at moments. Not to shabby.

The Heads - Tilburg

Left Lane Cruiser (2009) -All You Can Eat

"This whiskey fueled two-man frenzy of blues-driven rock’n’roll noise straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana promise to hit you like a shock wave and show you a foot-stompin’ good time. Left Lane Cruiser is comprised of Joe Evans on slide guitar and vocals with Brenn Beck on one big-ass bass drum, harmonica and a toolbox full of percussive gear. The raw blues duo of LLC have practiced through thick and thin to hone a sound unlike any other and have been together long enough to have previously released a couple of self-produced EPs. “Let your soul drive what you do” is the premise of their music, “give it all you got, and everything is an instrument: trash cans, paint trays, hubcaps, ladders, you name it.” Learning their craft by playing at house parties, at the corner streets of their home town, and rehearsing in a heatless garage, they have developed their personal take on the North Mississippi Hill Country sound."

Left Lane Cruiser (2009) -All You Can Eat

RPG - Worth the Weight

this is a test.

Going to start off with this band from Richmond Virgina.

I really like these motherfuckers. I am really bad at explaining genres so i will do my best. Gritty . At times I tend to hear AC/DC in there some, or that could just be an SG. It's just a solid fucking band.

Try Them Out.