Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mendozza - 2010 - Cabra Noche

god i love these folks. (metal. with a kick ass broad on drums.)

Here ya go.

Radio Moscow

Fuzzed out heavy blues'd up goodness.

st (2007)

Brain Cycles (2009)


Their Self Titled ep (2008) and Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants (2009). Both very good psych/stoner/rock/whatthefuckever albums.



Phosphorescent - To Willie

Nice set of Willie Nelson covers right here.

Here ya go.

Funk On Wax - Volumes 1 & 2 (podcast)

This motherfucker did it correct. ANY fan of a deep dish slice of funk needs this. Was able to weave all these tunes just right. and please, if you happen to know of any other podcasts of this caliber, do not hesitate to let me know.



good stuff.

Jucifer - Throned In Blood - 2010

just when i think they can't get any heavier, has more of a thrash sound on this one i think (but what the fuck do i know)

Here ya go.

Bill Callahan - Rough Travel For A Rare Thing -2010

another brilliant singer songwriter.

Here ya go.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - The Wonder Show of The World - 2010

For anyone who has not heard any of Will Oldhams stuff by now, pretty sure it's high time to get with the fucking program.

amazing lo-fi singer/songwriter stuff

Here ya go.

Thrones - Late For Dinner - 2010 (7")

New Thrones, enough said.

Here ya go.

Such Hawks Such Hounds - DVD

For anyone who has not seen this documentary yet on the Stoney/Doomy/Heavy aspect of the music genre, ya need to watch it.

Here ya go.

Asteroid - II - 2010

Speaking of fuzz... this is really fuckin nice too..

here ya go.

Been A Few Minutes.

Going to post out some shit i have been digging on the past few months, may have already heard em, maybe not, either way they are definitely worth checking out.

for starters...

Dead Meadow - Three Kings -2010

Can't get enough of this album yet. Just some really nice stoner/fuzzy/heavy goodness...

Snaked from Sludge Swamp.. thanks fellas.